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The construction process is a set of interrelated specific works, impossible without external coordination. Experienced developers know about delays, interruptions in the supply etc., which sometimes do not depend on the Executive. To avoid such troubles, the position of General contractor exists.
Monolithic building is a special technology, which allows to build an object of almost any shape and height. Despite the fact that the technology is convenient and relatively simple, monolithic works require extensive experience and a high level of knowledge. Otherwise, a good result is impossible.
Masonry work is a particular technique of constructing buildings, when a piece goods, such as, for example, stone or brick, are stacked in a certain order and sealed with a special solution.
Installation of a metal frame is one of the ways to speed up and simplify the construction work as well as minimize the time and labor costs. In “Monolith City”, the installation is conducted by highly qualified foreman, capable of performing qualified work in the shortest time. The experts of "Monolith City" reach high results due to its wealth of practical experience and application of only the best building materials
Any monolithic construction must be done according to the elaborated project documentation passed the state examination and a monolithic slab is not an exception. Only properly executed design can ensure the safety, reliability and long service life of the building as a whole. Monolithic slab is not only the ceiling and the floor, as most of the consumers think. It is also a disk rigidity thereby providing spatial rigidity of the whole building with teamwork of columns, stiffening diaphragms, walls, elevator shafts, etc.
The earthwork is a mandatory preparatory step before the construction of the building. Their essence is in the planning, installation, compaction and moving of the soil directly on site of the future building. It is extremely important that the earthwork is carried out efficiently, in accordance with all the mandatory rules: the stability and durability of the future building and its underground utilities depend on it..
Landscaping is the final step of any construction, because the final look of a huge complex or a small yard is done exactly at this stage.