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General contracting in building. Service from MONOLIT City, general contractor in Minsk, Belarus

The construction process is a set of interrelated specific works, impossible without external coordination. Experienced developers know about delays, interruptions in the supply etc., which sometimes do not depend on the Executive. To avoid such troubles, the position of a General contractor exists.

What is general contracting in Minsk?

A general contractor is the organization, which plans and manages all the construction work. Thus, the Customer is exempted from self-development of the project design, subcontracting, monitoring of the quality and terms of work, as well as from other intermediate issues.

General contracting from MONOLIT City in Minsk and in Belarus:

  • Company carries out operational planning and optimization of design, quality, technology and cost parameters;
  • Provides geodesics, earthworks, preparatory, engineering, monolithic, repair and decoration and project work;
  • Carries out logistics and management of the project budget and technical documentation;
  • Takes care of safety measures;
  • Enters into agreements with subcontractors;
  • Conducts financial and technical-economic assessment;
  • Controls the construction work, provides insurance for construction;
  • Performs project commissioning.

General contractor MONOLIT City provides a warranty on all kinds of services and takes full responsibility for the quality of work and deadlines. You will be spared from the solution of the questions that inevitably arise in the process, and get your construction project exactly as scheduled.

General contracting. Prices in Minsk

Of course, the cost of general contracting depends on the experience of the company and its reputation, so sometimes the prices may be too high, but the building company Monolit City offers a convenient solution.

General contractor in Minsk and in Belarus MONOLIT City offers you only quality general contracting for low price!

The cost of our general contracting varies from 1% to 5% of the object cost
To know full cost contact us in Belarus or Russia:
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