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Installation of metal frames (metal works)

Installation of a metal frame for single-story industrial buildings is one of the ways to speed up and simplify the construction work as well as to minimize the time and labor costs. In MONOLIT City the installation is conducted by highly qualified foreman, capable of performing qualified work in the shortest time. The experts of MONOLIT City reach high results due to its wealth of practical experience and application of only the best building materials.

The installation of building frame. The process

To minimize the time, our company carries out works in three shifts, so the process does not stop even for a moment.


  • We use only tested, reliable and modern construction equipment.
  • Through this approach, the customers never exceed the designated budget limit and the project is always finished as scheduled.
  • The cost of such a high-quality work is surprisingly low.

Metal works of any complexity

Our climbers have special equipment and can fulfill works at any needed height. Our employees specialize in works of any complexity:

It can be:

  • installation of one-story frame of industrial buildings,
  • Installation of metal frames for other buildings,
  • Installation of metal construction or pipes using bolting or welding,
  • Installation of metal frames for curtain walls or outdoor advertising.

We appreciate every customer and are happy to fulfill any order. For all the services of the company MONOLIT City provides the required guarantees. The high quality of work, skill and professionalism of our employees and clear responsibility – the visit card of the construction company MONOLIT City.

Price for the installation of metal frame:

If you are interested in our service of metal frames installation – please contact us:
+375 17 392-20-00, +375 44 753-53-53

Cost is from $300 per ton or $30 per m2

Our specialists will answer all your questions and tell you about all the important things in installation of metal frames.