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Monolithic works

Monolithic building is a special technology, which allows to build an object of almost any shape and height, and very quick. Despite the fact that the technology is convenient and relatively simple, monolithic works require extensive experience and a high level of knowledge. Otherwise, a good result is impossible.

In the years of work the company MONOLIT City has gained extensive experience in construction and has earned an impeccable reputation. Numerous positive customer reviews demonstrate our professionalism. The company MONOLIT City offers a wide range of services, including monolithic works.

Monolithic reinforced concrete works – we will do quickly and efficiently!

Monolithic reinforced concrete works are carried out in the construction of residential and office buildings. One of the obvious advantages of this method of construction is that it’s no matter what the season or weather is at the moment. The facility can be built at any time of the year! Low cost is also important. Such a good combination of price and quality makes monolithic reinforced concrete works one of the most popular methods.

This technology minimizes the area of load-bearing structures in the living room, thus the future owners can design their own layout. It should also be noted that the monolithic building is 15-20% lighter than brick or panel. This allows to reduce the consumption of materials for the foundation, which consequently reduces its cost.

Another advantage is that monolithic houses are much more comfortable: for example, their gradual settlement prevents cracking; seamless construction provides a thermal and sound insulation. Such buildings are safe: they are earthquake-resistant and unaffected by environmental factors. The durability of the monolithic building is very high: it serve you about two hundreds years.

MONOLIT City is an expert in monolith construction

The company MONOLIT City constructs industrial, office buildings, houses, shops and public buildings of any shape and height. Our experts use in their work modern formwork materials DOKA (Austria), perform excavation, lay down block and strip foundations, carry out works on pool construction, monolithic concrete tanks and retaining walls. Order the construction of monolithic buildings right now!

Prices for construction of monolithic concrete works are from $ 75 to $ 200 per m3

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