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The earthwork (foundations)

At the moment you decided to build your house and get rid of your small flat and a dusty city – you will need the earthworks. The underlying supporting structure of any house, building, enterprise or storage place is the foundation and the stronger it is the longer the building will be suitable for use.

Before starting earthworks for digging the foundation, it is necessary to carry out site preparation:

  • geological arrangements which determine the level of groundwater and soil type that would subsequently prevent shrinkage of the building;
  • determination of the type of foundation (tape, block or tile);
  • site preparation (cleaning grass, leveling land, digging pits, trenches, pits)

Steps for installing the foundation:

  • Installation of the formwork, which is mounted on the bottom of the trench. Reinforced form for the bottom is used as the formwork and wood or metal are used as side formworks;
  • Laying litter (gravel or sand);
  • Armature installation, which is mounted in the center of the formwork thus building grid structure;
  • Pouring by concrete is done once. The process goes continuously, which would prevent the formation of joints in the structure.

The cost for the monolithic foundations settling ranges from $ 70 to $ 120

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